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About Us

Vina International is a vision with genesis in 1980.
Developing efficiencies in Plastics, Machinery, Engineering and Chemical industries based on in-house stringent quality control, prompt shipments and robust after sales services.

Vina International is a deadline conscious company committed to keeping the highest standards of quality, service and price, dealing in a broad spectrum of products, catering zealously to diverse industry segments ranging from Food to Metal.

The company is sensitive to growth in terms of quality and quantity, paving its way for a forward-looking attitude.

An attitude that helps it to meet the ever-increasing demands of its customers

The forte of Vina International is its capacity to cater to many industry segments all on its own. This thus becomes the prime distinguishing character of the company. Something it can stand out by virtue of, in a milieu where a spate of startup and run-of-the-mill companies is flooding today’s market.

An obsession for excellence. Meeting the challenges of growth and change.

Shaping its business in sync with the market dynamics.

Boldly venturing into new territories and the future...

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